Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

I like to think that I am a very simple person. I know my role in life is to make others happy and laugh. It is a role that I freely accept, and thoroughly enjoy. Not much gets to me. And if it does it is really for a short period of time. But today I am having issues.

Every Friday night I am drained from a hard week of teaching, night class, working out, and Xander (We're so close now). I try not to let it all get to me, but I am bothered most Saturdays. I CAN'T SLEEP ON FRIDAY NIGHTS!!! I have no idea why...some even suggest maybe I'm over exhausted. Well if I am I do not realize it. But on Saturday I really hate myself. EVERYTHING gets on my nerves. EVERYTHING.

I'm sure no one realizes how hard I try to hold it together, but I try really hard. I can't figure it out, but I know one really effects my mindset for working out. Right now I should want to go the gym. But I just finished vacuuming, cleaning, taking out garbage, and in a few minutes my father-in-law (Thank GOD for him!!!) is coming over to help me hang a ceiling fan in my bedroom. Who in their right mind does all of these chores instead of going to the gym?

ANSWER: Most people. Me included until January 1st. Most people will do ANYTHING to put off going to the gym. But not me...not now. I just have to realize that life is hard for everyone. Not just me. Poor Steve. I'm being a pompous ass!! I'm sorry. Especially to those I love, Especially to Dawn and Xander. Expect a mood change next Saturday morning.

PS...I'm drinking NyQuil on Friday nights from now on.





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  2. Hi! I found your site from another blog that I follow. You're doing fine. Everyone has their difficult days where going to the gym seems hard. Just keep at it this weight loss thing and you will reach your goals. Also, vaccuming CAN be considered a workout, at least that's what Weight Watchers gives POINTS for. So you DID get a workout!
    Have a great day!

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  3. Hey Steve where are ya buddy? Is everything OK? How is Dawn?
    Am thinking of you and missing seeing you at meetings


  4. Hi Steve, hang in there, you are on your way. Exercise and Ww works, we are missing you. Hope all is o.k with your family. You can do this, I believe in you!!!!!


  5. Hi Steve..nice to meet you. Keep up the good work!